1st December 2014

When i first created this page it was the first of December, now it's the seventh.

When I first started projectbrainsaver it was 2003. I was... forty seven(?) I'm now Fifty eight.

... and before I've blinked it's now the ninth!

I'm packing up all the 'stuff' i have collected over the twelve years i have been in this house.

An almost true "Do I stay or do I go now?" moment... apart from the trouble bit.... and a lot of other words in the song.... so it actually isn't apt at all... but I love the "Do I stay or do I go now" bit. That has a flavour and a half of the feeling me an my friends get often in the adult journey through this life on planet Earth.

When IBM pointed the world at Watson and said 'Suggest uses for a better world' I waited to see what might happen.

FANG from Majestyk Apps was just perfect for projectbrainsaver

Damion Hankjh, A Smithsonian Laureate, had commented on projectbrainsaver when he spotted the core details on About.Me . We chatted on Facebook (He had a personal account and friended me on it for a while, his company Ingk.com is still friends with me) I asked if he wanted to join in with a building a set of 'apps' that could help reverse the spread of misogyny through the modern world, using Watson as a main part of these apps.

He said yes.

... it's now the tenth.

IT's now the 21st of January 2015!

Time is flying and life is full of learning.