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posted 4 Feb 2014, 07:53 by Mark Aldiss

Mark D. J. Aldiss

Ty Crwn Bach





LL46 2YT



Tony Blair, Prime Minister,

10, Downing Street,



Dear Sir


My N. I. number is xxxxxxx


47. Male. 6’ 1”


I have something that gives me Grand Mal fits. The last two I had were on December the 30th  2003.


Strange. Your system doesn’t know what I can do or how good I am at whatever it is I do.


I am a good car mechanic, welder, photographer, computer man, manual labourer, car driver- when allowed, writer, poet, helper of others and more.


I am usually penniless. Which is stupid for a man with so many talents and an IQ in the top 2% of the UK!


There is something about me that doesn’t fit with your ways but it’s not for want of trying!

Ask Prince Charles and Lord Young about ‘The Crofter Concept’ – a magazine coordinated home worker scheme .

I joined in with the Rwanda crisis- helping raise over £40,000 and helping lower the incidents of airborne disease in the refugee camps by putting a chemical manufacturer in touch with the groups in the camps.

I talked with many government and NGO’s in the Hondura’s and Nicaragua regarding relief supplies direct from the UK to families suffering the effects of Hurricane Mitch.

I have helped many small businesses both here and in Norfolk over the years.

I invented a wind powered road cone to save battery changing on our motorways.

I invented a microgenerator (with help from friends and the local primary school) based on the simple yk motor most of the profits of which I tried to give to land mine clearance via Mishcon de Raya.

All this time I have been trying to sort out some major mental health problems and relationship issues for myself and often for others as well.






I love the thought of this earning me some money so I can finally get off income support and look after my family and friends as they have me over the years.


Is there any way you can help me to achieve this end?



I am going to start ‘something’ that I have needed for most of my life but which is still unavailable for my use but can now be implemented with ease.


The area is promoting the growth of a new set of personal data services.








Embodied in this concept is


·        A ‘Firewall’ for human beings – a personal protector


·        A ‘Best Friend’ a ‘thinking’ correspondent for the mind side of human life


·        An ‘Active Sales Agent’ for all ideas, thoughts, happenings.


·        A ‘Interesting?’ Machine – a focuser that helps direct attention the right way – a super encyclopaedia!


·        A Family data bank for present and future family use


·        An asset manager – helps work your assets to their best advantage


·        A ‘part time work’ job centre for all those small jobs needing doing by those who need additional income.


·        A social patterns identifier – “Is it just me or is everyone twitchy/sad/angry/strange today?”


·        And many easily configured add-ons whenever they are needed!




None of these tools need the user to have a computer.


I am writing now because fits make you want to do something with your life.


The Department of Culture, Media and Sport (Creative Industries Devision) could be of great help with regard to the Creative Industries Fact File which I downloaded in full a few years ago.


At some time in the future I would like to ask all who can be contacted through the list , some 9,000,000 then, if they are interested in having access to what we will have to offer them.


Their roles will be as specifiers, Able to ask for input on different projects, and browsers, like using a picture library but able to scan thoughts, feelings, beliefs, happenings including dialogs and film for anything that will be of use to them in their businesses.



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