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the most powerful digital tools ever offered to 'normal' individuals

posted 4 Feb 2014, 13:02 by Mark Aldiss

This Group's intention's are the establishment of a core of the most powerful  digital tools ever offered to normal individuals.

These tools will allow battles to be fought and won.

From personal battles to large scale battles against powerful opponents.

With these tools at 'our' disposal ‘we’ will have the power to fight corporate, state or government with the same tools they use to fight us.

And more.

This groups’ task is to pull together the people and resources, both financial and technical to build a user friendly interface for any of the many tools there are already built and working on the planet today.

This user interface will be based on the individual themselves. They will build what they need and, in building it, will end up joining in with society on a level that works for them.

In 2004 talks with the UK (Cambridge) based firm Autonomy, and their Value Added Reseller (VAR) Okana, led to a 99.9% likelihood that this machinery could be built.

The costs, then, were large.

From the licenses for the technology from Autonomy (£2m pa) and the yearly maintainance fee (15% of license), plus the actual physical hardware hired in from PSINet Europe ($10,000 per month for 40,000 people), the building of the interface by Okana (Taking business worded technology and converting it into normal, everyday speak) (£400,000) and the ethical company build by Mishcon De Reya (£10,000 surety + c£400+ph), the financial build by Pricewaterhouse Coopers, and the staffing, marketing, etc, etc the whole deal came out at about - well work it out.

However, with £20 or more per month for the use of this kit meant that the return of investment (ROI) seemed to be excellent.

Now it is an even easier task and will cost a fraction of what it would in 2004.

More to follow


This is going to be fun folks.