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For 51 years my life has been interesting. Sometimes interesting has been a euphemism  for appalling.

Long term illness, poverty, both actual and relative, hypersensitivity to moods and feelings of strangers - over empathic.

...but, as the comic says, that's enough about me. I want / need this kit for many other reasons - my memory being the most important

This kit has designs in it for acting as a social capital machine - helping build social capital for individuals and their societies.

So how and when did this project start?

projectbrainsaver is the culmination of over twenty years of listening to people's problems and after having many, many problems of my own!

In 1991, after having a massive Grand Mal epilepsy attack which kicked me int severe depression I started a lone venture called The Cwm Consultancy.

The Cwm Consultancy was a problems consultancy which offered any form of help to anyone I thought could be helped.

It ran on the basis of people, or businesses, talking about their problems to me and then me using the circle of people I knew to find answers for them.

Because the data handed out was anonymised it allowed my connections to say what they thought without prejudices based on knowledge of that person and their actual lifestyle.