4 years ago it was 99.99999% likely that the following conversation into a standard phone could get all of the actions and requests achieved using technology from Autonomy.com and other top line companies. Now it will be easy!

Think what else you can do if this is possible....

 "Yo phone! Meeting with Jack Jones next Thursday at three is okLet him know and remind me the night before and also two hours before handEmail Caroline and let her know I will be late by 20 minutes and also let her know where I amGet on to Tesco's and get some interesting food deliveredSee if Mary wants a chat now or just say hi. Find daughter number three and say booSwap some money over to Peter's account- not too much, and let him know when it's doneIs it illegal to tow a car with ropeFind me one of Caroline's sort of pub near Winchester and check that it serves food after nine tonightAsk John to bell me about giving me a hand tomorrowSend the photo of me with the clown suit on to JodiCheers.”

 What is projectbrainsaver all about?

Using already proven high technology from the best companies in the world to build: 

Add in's to the system that would help millions of people join in with this world without having to have a computer and the internet, let alone having to know how to read and write, - a system that kicks the ‘digital divide' into a cocked hat. 

Add in's to the system that will give answers to people when they want them. 

Add in's to the system that will help people with their personal lives and their lives regarding interaction with the rest the society around them. 

Add in's to the system that will help with lifelong learning. 

Add in's to the system that allows people's thoughts and memories to have real short and very long term value. 

Add in's to the system that gives millions of people the chance to use their brains for personal and social gain. 

Add in's to the system that find people personal help when they need it. 

Add in's to the system that will get rid of  invisible ‘Big Brother' games once and for all. 

Add in's to the system that allows growth unfettered by the chains of local negative thinking. 

Add in's to the system that works on people's behalf whilst they do other things. 

Add in's to the system that are applications designed to stabilise society by stabilising and helping individuals. 

Add in's to the system that are designed to give people the ability to help each other without necessarily knowing each other (anonymously). 



We don't want your money... yet!



If you look at an individuals life today you now have two timeline's – theirs and the digital data life that runs beside them - until their deaths and beyond.

This can be used to aid their lives and this is one of the main aspects that projectbrainsaver sets out to exploit for their benefit from now onwards.

Using the best that World Technology has to offer, from fortune 100 companies, Universities, research establishments, etc, we proved, in 2003-4 that a high quality voice interface could be put together that would allow users to forget about the computer and concentrate on sorting out their needs rather than keys and menu's and mouse movements.

Bulk use of high tech kit that works for you to sort out whatever it is you are trying to sort.

Automated Infrastructure technology, Bayes' Theory, Voice Stress Analysis, VoIP and SIP, Virtual Storage, Transcription, Translation, Digital Signal Processing, Speech And Language Technologies, Life Long Learning, Mental Health, Social Isolation, Poverty, Economics, Money, Capitalism, Drugs, CRM, Call Centres, Charities, Virtual Private Networks,

... so many directions have been researched so that all you would have to do to use this kit is...


 ... and all for the price of standard broadband

So, forget about computers and just aim for building up the requests for this kit - we are aiming for at least 20,000 to make it as cheap as we can - 100,000 would be better!

.. and that is just for starters!


Email: [email protected]