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Want a better life? Want a better World? Just start talking!

posted 29 Jan 2014, 08:53 by Mark Aldiss   [ updated 27 Jul 2017, 05:58 ]

projectbrainsaver - Just talk

Want a better life? Want a better World? Just start talking! Or Shouting! Or Screaming! Change Life!

HPAutonomy &/or IBMWatson
and, now

viv, the Global Brain
Viv radically simplifies the world by providing an intelligent interface to everything.

Viv is a global platform that enables developers to plug into and create an intelligent, conversational interface to anything. It is the simplest way for the world to interact with devices, services and things everywhere. Viv is taught by the world, knows more than it is taught, and learns every day.

2004 mockup of what Autonomy alone was capable of doing for all of us - 10 years ago! And, now, I've fallen in love with IBMWatson too! What a bit of kit! Magnificent!

... And Nuance as well! And so many other technological wonders like software that reads your face or software that listens to how upset you are... and so much more! Apps that help! Phones that 'do stuff', Tablets, WiFi, Android, !

Autonomy repeatedly said they could, and would, happily build this. Add IBMWatson and really start talking. Life is going to change in 2014! Fast!

Remember! This was 2004!



“Got a problem? Just start talking”

The use of language independent Meaning Based Computing technology from HP and/or Cognitive Computing from IBMWatson plus other industry Standard, best quality, technologies including biometrics, voice stress analysis and personal profiling to enable an individual to more accurately understand their own (or group’s) problems, needs, wants and desires and then help them find better answers, directions, connections, etc., in order to achieve the results needed for that individual’s (or group’s) benefit.

People need better help. I've needed better help. 

 My friends and family have needed better help. The World needs better help. NOW.

I was attempting it at Uni in 1997/8. Hurricane Mitch - . For Hurricane Katrina. For Rwanda 2002, Because of Thomas Hamilton – Dunblaine. UN ICT Task Force. For my friends who committed suicide when everyone thought they were just ‘a bit down’… for any and all problems between individuals and governments, corporations etc., in fact any injustice or ‘head bang’ that needs sorting out sooner, rather than later

What could you do with IBMWatson & or HPAutonomy now?


Is something in dire need of being sorted? NOW? Just got out the way? Time to move on. 

How about
  • Male/Female balance on planet Earth? Including all the appalling abuse that is going on NOW.
  • The appalling treatment of Indigenous Peoples Worldwide 
  • Slavery
  • People Trafficking
  • Israel's treatment of Palestine and why?
  • Gypsy, Sinti, Roma and Irish Travellers - no more abuse
  • Wrongly imprisoned people - get them all out ASAP
  • The Drug 'Problem'
  • Empowering The Occupy Movement
  • Altering the Banking Structure so it is more equitable - 
  • Help for the lonely, disabled, socially excluded and ill
  • Help the next school shooter so they don't do it... 
  • Proper financing for all at the base of the pyramid
  • Cleaning and setting right The Niger Delta
  • Clearing up the North Atlantic Gyre of plastic
  • Ridding the Galapagos Islands of floating, choking debris
  • Add right minded human characteristics to Enterprise decisions
  • Calm the World down
  • Sort a lot of problems out
That's what projectbrainsaver is all about. Sorting problems out. 

Personal problems look good for sorting out too.

Taken from Google site

You phone

You talk

Our advanced technology listens - and reacts in real time to the words, sentences, phrases, emotions that you add in and it gets to work

Depending on what you have said our technology directs it's energy to helping you in any way it can, or in any way you have asked for

A simple question could get a simple answer spoken back to you, a more complex question gets a longer verbal, text or email reply

If you have an account your voice data is stored and so much more can be asked for and delivered-

Profiling - of you for your own benefit

Health & Fitness- all sorts of different services

Disputes - Arbitration and Conciliation


Family history




Match Making

Historic Personal Problems (Baggage)

(All Calls Will Be Recorded For Training Purposes! - training to understand you better - )

Highest Level Security Standards

From my linked in profile

I get the Employment and Support Allowance or ESA I am entitiled to income-related ESA The letter says "You have been placed in the support group because your illness or disability restricts the possibility of working. This means you do not have to take part in any work-related activity,..."

projectbrainsaver is the culmination of over 26+ years of personal research into personal problems.

The next goal is to crowd fund a trial use of an 'intelligent' voice controlled interface that allows anyone to achieve far more than is possible at the present.

In 2000 I first started talking with right from the earliest discussions Autonomy liked the idea of my uses for their technology.


call centres
data centres
Telecom Providers
Contact Info
Long Term Disability
The Cwm Consultancy - The Problem People
Self Employed
Life Long Learning
Personal high powered Help System
Full understanding of ALL input for advanced memory help
TBL's Intelligent Web
Language independent
Personal 'baggage' sorter (problems from the past)
Right's based
Holistic health apps
World repairing
New Universal (working for ALL people) monetary system
artificial intelligence
Cognitive computing
Meaning Based Computing
Mental health
Unstructured Data
Personal Big Data

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