2012 12 09 - 9Th of December 2012....
I am still here.

 4 years, 2 months, 19 days

Since I was last on this page...

1541 days 

Still in the same seat, same spot in the room

1541 days =
  • 133,142,400 seconds
  • 2,219,040 minutes
  • 36,984 hours
  • 220 weeks (rounded down)

The News... so far
From the end of July to 20th of September, 2008 and on into October - time moves on as life carries on as well....

 20th october 2008

telecentre.org and telecentre_Europe.org have both got projectbrainsaver as an member which is good.

All the white papers from Autonomy on every aspect of their technology is downloaded and is being prepared for download in one large zip file cos it's a lot of pdf's!

Or else you will be able, as a member of projectbrainsaver, to have access to these files anyway....

somewhow and whatever etc

Everything says go out and find out if you are talking practical and more to the point, wanted sorts of add ins. Does anyone actually need any of this kit? Does society need it or want it at all? It is a disruptive and distructive technology - but it might be more than it wants to handle.... Is it the kit that

 so, I am in the process of streamlining and updating the info based on today's world and now kit.

As I did in 2000 - 2005.

so I already know it can be done and paid for by those that will benefit most from it on a daily basis - The high flyers - This is the only kit that can add turbo to your turbo - it's got serious kickass possibilities. If you can do without this its because you're on holiday.

And because it will do so much for you you will pay good money for it and that money will get shoved into the other side of the kit which is the problem sorting side...

 Etc Etc



14th October 2008

Well, projectbrainsaver is starting to spread its wings. Orcut, YouTube, MySpace, Bebo, LinkedIn, Blogger, Xanga, ning, wetpaint, and a number of other sites.

Getting some interesting people linking in with me on LinkedIn.

Still absolutely no financial help from anyone... surprise. Not surprisingly as this is probably the most powerful destructive technology to come along for a long time.

Strange to be watching all the financial chaos and knowing that with a 'projectbrainsaver' type setup running in this world a lot of this could be reworked relatively easily - in fact, I looked at the possiblilities 5 years ago and realised that a better and more even form of capitalism which I called Hyper Capitalism or Super Capitalism (in that allowing speech to be linked to such a powerful set of tools could mean a speeding up of positive interactions) that could build a more equitable world sooner rather than later.

The more I do with this project the more I realise how much kit like this is needed - by me if nobody else!

I have jst started focussing in on social networking and in particular on the apps and add on that are on most sites. Web 2.0 is changing a lot of things - even if Web 2.0 only implies new ways of using already created technology!

20th Sept 2008

 Thank you David at the computer shop in Harlech for ... wait for it... a 'new' computer.

A year or so ago I helped a friend and her daughter with their computer. lightning had struck and it needed a new motheboard - I replaced this and got it so it ran like a dream.

This week they part ex'd it for a laptop and I am now the very happy owner of a machine that leaps away from the post and get to where it's going so much faster than my last one. From 633Mhz to 2.14 GHz - Not that up to date but it is such a change!!

www.projectbrainsaver.ning.com  is a new social networking site that I have set up - because I could - and there is also a cause on Facebook called projectbrainsaver - wonder where that came from?

Have you noticed how much disharmony there has been this week? Seemed to effect people in relationships more than those who are not... projectbrainsaver has the ability to work out what this is caused by - if anything.


Vlingo is being fought by Nuance over the copyright - patent rights to a part of the technology vlingo uses to work its magic with voices.

A lot has happened and is still happening in my life - still no money and only a 633Mhz computer to work all this on - Think I will ask a well off Computer company man if he has a spare laptop and home server that he could give me to make this more capable of being done -  It took 7 MINUTES last week for my Firefox 3.0 browser to just start...

I want to offer Child Line the use of this kit so that the one third of calls they cannot answer can get answered - anyone connected with them or their bosses, the NSPCC? - no worries, I will make the connection, I like doing that


2008 September (09) Thursday (04) 02:09:13

I have talked with a man who is a director of his own amazing web company. He has offered to move our site to a separate and easy to use server and take the information about the project and its aims and convert what you see now to something of quality and presence that can act as a gatherer of expressions of interest, and even pre-sign up's, but with no money changing hands until we hit the target figures needed to make this project a goer. When this happens I will hopefully be able to tell you who these people are and say thank you for what they have done.



2008 September (09) Thursday (04) 01:55:32

Actually I AM having fun - I am enjoying the fun of the plotting (-:

Have a look at some of the people researched at



Still no financial help from anyone.

Imagine trying a project of this size on what's left of your  - £62 pw benefits... that's £62 pw before having any of my children to stay, let alone food, fuel, phone, internet, travel, clothes, shoes or even the occasional bit of fun - 

On the plus side I have been offered a mentor from one of the Prince's Trust's, a guy trying fairly hard to find a way through from my world to the end game. His name is Gerald Pearson and his email is [email protected]The Prince's Trust concerned is Prime Cymru, www.prime-cymru.co.uk

Gerald recently pointed me towards a meeting being held by The Language Technologies Unit of Bangor University, In Bangor regarding SALT (Speech And Language Technologies) i.e. all those things that are of great importance if projectbrainsaver is to be able to be used by ANYONE with a voice - of especial interest when looking towards using this kit for anyone Welsh!

After a recent meeting (also 'prompted' by Gerald) I was invited to take part in a Specialist Interest Group based at Bangor University, concerning SALT and SALT directions.

Many of the non vocal needs of human beings needing to use computers can be catered for through Multimodal controls as explained in the new report out from their group in Bangor.

Their website is www.saltcymru.org

 The SALT Cymru project aims to form a Welsh special interest group for SALT (Speech and Language Technology). The group will partner expert researchers from Welsh higher education institutions with businesses (SMEs) in Wales.

In addition, the project produced a report of the current state of  SALT in Wales, which will influence future Welsh Assembly Government policy. The report and the executive summary can be accessed via this SALT Cymru Report link.