from:Mark Aldiss<[email protected]>
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date:20 September 2016 at 09:14

Hi Lord Roberts :-)


In 1994 I helped raise money in Gwynedd for Operation Water Dragon - Rod Jarvis et al.

I am now 60 and have been working on a personal project since at least that time.

Out of my research has come an easily added idea for empowering a lot that has to do with refugees.

Easily - remember I am a sixty year old, relatively sane, man who has discussed this and other ideas with some of the best in the business

Simply put, it is 

a phone number or an app
a fully secure data storage area - possibly in Iceland or Switzerland (Talk with Birgitta Jónsdóttir
High powered Computing for 'Big Data' analytics - HPC Wales offered me 17,000 cores of power a few years ago)
IBM WatsonHP AutonomyNuance can between them offer voice understanding​ in multiple languages and the capability of easy training in others - this technology also understands the levels of emotions, including fear, anger, sadness... the 'kit' also remembers individual voices - voice biometrics - and can spot the similarities between family members and people from the same village, etc
have the refugees talk to the app/freephone number/skype/whatsapp - everyone especially the children - have them talk about as much as they can so all of them hear what is being said - have them talk to each other about what is happening to them
WHEREVER they end up in the world they can then just call the number or use the app and be instantly linked with anyone in that conversation or who has said anything that relates to their village, area, etc just by talking - their individual voices are recognised
With the data - anonymously gather statistics on how frightened, angry sad etc and where when etc - this data can be used to change the way refugees are seen by the less empathic - the number / app can also be used to record animosity in whatever form - it will also show whether that reaction is brought on by fear or anger or hatred... it will also mean that if that voice of aggression from an individual is heard again there is more evidence on hand for successful prosecutions... once known about it might even mean that the voice of the unreasonable is silenced lest it be recorded! Damion Hankejh offered to help a couple of years ago - he is an expert on IBM Watson - he also knows people :-)

There are a lot of other companies who can offer help with this Google being one of them - they just acquired which add to their offerings to this giant mashup

Israel offer some excellent voice understanding technology as do Russia

Many call centres now have this sort of technology built in (Callminder comes to mind) 


just a brief email - it's taken me a long long time to finally write this to you.

I hope you are well

Here's to life!



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