The main technical research for projectbrainsaver was conducted over the period from 2000 to 2004 - the main social research was conducted from 1984 to the present day

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Every phone is a Super Smart Phone - The new era of the Super Life.

"Hello phone!

The meeting with Jack Jones next Thursday at three is ok. Let him know and remind me the night before. and also a couple of hours before hand. Email Lisa and let her know I will be late by 20 minutes and also let her know where I am. Get on to Tesco's and get some interesting food delivered. See if Mary wants a chat now or just say hi. Find daughter number three and say boo. Swap some money over to Peter's account- not too much, and let him know when it's done. Is it illegal to tow a car with rope? Ask John to bell me about giving me a hand tomorrow. Send the photo of me with the clown suit on to Rachel... ... ... Am I really unreasonable and moody today? Is there a reason why I might be? I keep thinking of whale song - find me some. I'm going into town now - anyone want a lift? I'm not coming back till after five."

Think what you will. The next stage of the development of the human digital network is going to get very interesting and life will get a lot easier sooner than you think.

Being researched now is the use of high powered very 'now' business/ government/ major organisation technology for you to use for every day use so that, as you speak into any phone, like in the example above, everything you ask will be done if it possibly can be - technical hitches aside like Tesco's being closed!

With the capacity of modern phones to photograph, record, video, play music, etc., this technology comes to the fore with the ability to take any input and automatically categorise, catalogue and index it on the fly ready for whatever needs doing with it. Using intelligent data management and clustering capabilities and high-precision voice recognition the technology gives you many advantages over normal phone or web based systems and adds serious power to those who want to pay that little bit more for a customisable interface with their office and home life and any groups they may belong to.

This interface uses complex formulae, including Baysian networks, to understand the human voice which it converts instantly (in most cases) to text and then uses its rules and programming on the text to decide what needs to be done.

There are a number of international companies who could do this and already have partnerships going which include all the sectors of the new technology required. One such group is the Orange mobile phone company tied by security portal contracts to IBM (IBM Websphere) who are the largest Value Added Reseller for Mike Lynch's company, Autonomy.

Autonomy produce technology which matches the needs of this concept - Audentify and Aungate both fronted with Autonomy voice Suite. Audentify's technology can take any voice stream in real-time, analyze all aspects of the content and dynamically deliver related content. Aungate is a heavy duty package utilised by super companies to stop legal problems arising from bad moves by employees - a techno advisor that won't let you get away with saying the phrase that could land your company in trouble.

All that is needed is a three month 'tinker' with the front end to make it fully adaptable from business to anyone's personal needs - giving a proven - open core - Autonomy is 'open cored' / open programming - Autonomy can accept programming in most, if not all programming languages / open approach to access to your own data with the experience, eventually, of all of the software applications / and hardware applications that have been created or are in use now or being built for tomorrow enabling the brain of each of us who wants or needs some of this to get it now and start using it now to better our own realities.

The whole system is modular, highly and rapidly capable of expansion, Highest security standards for data storage and management, and designed to cope with 'bursting' - a sudden influx of data beyond normal bounds of expectation. There are going to be times when we all react to something - this technology can take it including the increased input of data from events that people record - a very powerful Realtime recording of far more of what is going on where and when. in a disaster this tool becomes seriously helpful - it takes a major chunk out of manpower's wasted time duties - reading / listening to data and feeding it into the system - and replaces it with a highly tuneable totally focussed structure which helps anyone who wants to help put in what they can. Each charity / agency has the fullest power and all the qualities and connections of all members at times of crisis plus the allegiance and cost effective, expandable coordination of all of the rest of society if needed.

Any group with an IBM WebSphere setup can be instantly linked into the system - Autonomy is designed to act as one of the built-in building blocks of WebSphere making this system instantly adoptable at little extra cost to present systems. However, this system can be worked through a number of combinations of off-the-shelf software as long as it includes an unstructured data handler with a strong voice package - Autonomy (and Softsound - part of the Autonomy group - for the voice) does seem to have it all - and more.

I sound like a bit of an ad for Autonomy, both here (and in Belgium). I love their product's power and its core reasoning - to sort sh** into manure, and find diamonds wherever they are - to find the unknown needle in the haystack as Autonomy says. Maximise what you have, and have a better time doing what you want to do.

Autonomy have indicated an enjoyment of this form of use - a way to help sort reality for us all - not a bad start - getting hold of the right cooperation from the people themselves. One of their VAR's suggested a figure of £250k+ and three months to have the initial front end configured for personal use around a known core of Autonomy technology.

If all the power this system can focus on an international company, or government department data, can be focussed on me and for me then, suddenly I am as powerful as any body in the world today - from the UN to the American Government or even the benefits agency!

Having my own power over anything I say - the power to have something happen if it can because I want it to, to have a true 'cyber buddy' doing my running about for me. Imagine what could come from a simple monologue - a chapter of a book - three weeks of a project more clearly defined - a creative reality coming together - a bunch of practical steps found because I talked my 'head****' for a bit. As I talk this technology goes digging - into my words and their meaning, and my possible needs or actual requirements, and into the outside world with all its answers and directions to offer. Feed this with input and it will reward me with powerfully focussed output - for my own thoughts and for my actual life. Multiply this my any numbers of people and imagine what could be set off from a good dinner party or a night with friends. a discussion in a hall - suddenly I am me, but I am part of a network that is there for me to have use of, to grow with my own reality - if at all possible. I can add my bit for others as they can for me.

(..Microsoft has a licence to use Autonomy - which could mean the building of a system like this on a global scale in a very short space of time.)


PSINet Europe have just been split up and Now PSINet UK is part of the Telstra group. Telstra have ALL the technology and customers to enable this system NOW. All the doorways any one could need from mobile to landline, broadband to fully fledged global highway - their own backbone is part of the core global backbone for the World Wide Web. Total communication on all levels now anyway so this additive becomes a relevant tool for electronically keeping the whole lot sorted and buzzing. Each account a hive of activity on behalf of the account holder - What goes on inside the account is no one's business but their own - like it is now anyway! All that is needed is a new bunch of readily available servers for data storage expansion and the servers for the Autonomy type technology also readily available.

Offering such abilities to each person in a company or group will change things forever. Life becomes more qualitative when the paperwork is out of the way and the stress of a situation becomes lessened when your bit of the kit is doing its job on your behalf - even when you are 'offline'.

This new system has much to offer people who like to do things, be active, connect, make things happen, live whilst at the same time offering invaluable help to many 'everyday' people now. From the simple use of a verbal transcribers for letters to a memory tool for those of us who even forget our own names at times!

How about a quick and easy questions and answers machine that gives you what it can find as the best rated answer for what you asked about - If we are going to keep limiting life through money then this could be a good thing for all our educational establishments to join in with allowing them to earn from what they actually know.

Or even a diary come organiser for those on the move - just start talking and it does the rest.

Imagine standing in front of your digital tv talking with your friend about dolphins - because you have set a 'lever' on your controller so, when you next look at your telly, there is a list of all the dolphin related links to programmes you can see if you want to - or have them stored in your data storage area or account until you have time to see them.

....Now the system starts to pay dividends for anyone who uses it. As it is used it builds up a massive amount of new data which it analyses and builds into anonymised graphic representations which give instant vent to a crisis or event and can be a strong indicator of a user groups feelings or beliefs at any one time.

Connections that work to people of, if not like mind then to people who can offer something that works for you without twisting your head off.

For the first time you know what you know. The "I should know that!" - "Oh, I do!" scenario rather than re groping around for the linkages to something you know would help.

The data produced is saleable and part of that profit could then go into tuning the system for 'disaster time'..

No country as yet has a system in place that can coordinate all assistance with all the needs at times of disaster. This system has the ability to cross correlate all the agencies down to individual level to make sure everything that can be achieved will be achieved.

A Question.

I know there is a lot of data held by 'agencies' worldwide, certainly in the UK. How do I get to see where that data is being held at any one time?

You don't. But you will be able to with this Technology.

If you take the example above you have direct links into many of the top businesses, SME's NGO's and govt. organisations and departments throughout the world all of whom form an incredible network capable, via a standard phone or by computer, of connecting to a computer driven mass organiser for answers to the problems and complexities of life in a world of finite resources. It also means a link to many of the databases with your name on them. Ask to have it removed and, if its legally possible, this kit can do the job automatically - or inform you of the status of your data.

With it's ability to understand languages and to auto direct media to the right department or person, and to highlight and seek answers for 'hot spots', the use of this 'kit' could become the next step of mankind's new 'digital data journey' regarding the destruction of the 'Digital Divide' - this technology brings the ability of storage of knowledge and use of that knowledge into the realms of anyone who has a 'voice' and a brain and the enjoyment of putting it to some use, or even saving it for a rainy day.

If the world is going to globalise towards a 'no money and can't work - you get charity or die' system like it teetering on at the moment then we need to alter our use of our own offerings in order to maximise the benefits of our 'heads' for ourselves, our family, friends and society in general now, and in the future. This technology can work from the viewpoint of the individual and help maximise any words, ideas and thoughts they have put in. Anonymously or openly, this technology can act as a marketing agent for all you have inside you, helping you find directions that work, and additions that aren't a step backwards in your life.

British Telecom could do it now.

Downsides? The 'Big Brother' focus. If a government has the legal right to 'dip' into an account without that person being informed then nothing could be done BUT the system could be belled so that if the outside 'bell' is switched off the internal, self contained 'bell' goes off. you might end up with all your data locked so you can't delete it until you are proved guilty or innocent of 'their' focussed beliefs . but that's for the security and anti govt bods. and the governments to work out.

Give people a path from their brains to the outside world in a sane way and people take it. Trouble is things get changed when you can see a bigger picture as it is creating itself. The WWW - thank you Tim Berners-Lee - is changing so much in this world - from basic education to government doctrine and even simple arguments over the size of the largest fish caught in the lake down the road. The layer of bollocks which we live surrounded by will go and with it a lot of camouflage that people use, out of fear of being judged, to keep their lives going as they want them to.

Both the white and the black economies are going to be seen for what they are - the naked emperor routine - not all bad but too many of our worst traits are still built in as law or found needed in order to keep our race going according to the present dictum. Is this what we need?

The UN Millennium Declaration wants each of us on this planet to live in dignity and security with all the best rights and happenings going on in our lives and the lives of all who we know. It does seem like we all do want a sound as a pound planet but we still run it as we do. Will this system become the social killer or the aid that it could be? Time, input, marketing and research will tell - with a chunk of use by me please.

Google could do it now.

Cost wise? Depending on scale, but per person about the same as what you pay anywhere in the world for a phone - mobile or landline - rising to serious amounts per month for your own dedicated servers and personal, remote, secure data storage with your own personalised gateways in to it.

From Very, very secure 'Your voice Only' which means exactly that - no digital mock up of your voice can get past it - no recording device can play your 'voice' back to it and fool it - to the automatic cataloguing and subtitling of every photograph or film you've ever made or every bit of media that is published about you. and the chance to keep your memoirs until such time as you decide to publish them - even if its 200 years in your future (we should still have data by then! )

American business data storage changes and the advent of VoIP coupled with the appearance of Autonomy and co with their ways of understanding everything we can throw into the pot by whatever means at our disposal (unstructured data) should mean we get out more of what does us good whilst being able to help if possible and whenever possible if we can and want to. and gain from having a brain. Nice theory.

How soon? ... well, within 3 months if 'they' are working on it now - 12 months from now-to-global if they aren't.

Mark Aldiss

+44 (0)1766 780 763

Ty Crwn Bach Harlech Gwynedd Wales UK LL46 2YT


Imagine something that would help millions of people join in with this world without having to have a computer and the internet.

Something that will give answers to people when they want them.

Something that will help them with their personal lives and their lives regarding interaction with the rest the society around them.

Something that will help with lifelong learning.

Something that allows their thoughts and memories to have value.

Something that gives millions of people the chance to use their brains for personal and social gain.

Something that finds them personal help when they need it.

Something that kicks the 'digital divide' into a cocked hat.

Something that will get rid of 'Big Brother' once and for all - or alt least show him for what he is and give us a clearer starting point for getting rid of him.

Something that allows growth unfettered by the chains of local negative thinking.

Something that works on a person's behalf whilst they do other things.

Something that has applications designed to stabilise society by stabilising and helping individuals.

Something that is designed to give people the ability to help each other without necessarily knowing each other (anonymously).

Now imagine that this 'something' is only a few months away - contracts system configuration interface etc etc so more like six.

That all the technology is sitting, waiting to be configured.

All the companies concerned are ready and waiting to start - they just need paying.

That the costs per subscriber are similar to those paid for internet connectivity (£15-£30 per month).

That the UK, European and American markets are already lined up for this 'something'. As Above.

That the profits - social and financial - from this 'something' have the power to change the world we live in.

Well it is sitting there.

Designed to help with normal life but especially for social exclusion - mental health - education - independence - social and personal problems, stress, the digital divide, disasters.

A new set of tools for Life management, delivering revolutionary solutions that enable 100% real-time help within society now.

This technology that can take any voice stream in real-time, analyze all aspects of the content and dynamically deliver related content. It can also understand all other mediums of data except music. You could try singing to it - it just might understand.

This 'add in's' will give anyone, normally by voice (95%+ voice control) and assisted by an automatically run 'switchboard' instant, or near instant, access to any number of sources with an answer or piece of data that is relevant.

Premium service goes with voice coded interface - only your voice gets in - near instant translation into multiple languages with throughput to the phone of your choice - unlimited search and recall of any amount of data text, graphics, video - interfaces with digital TV - home/office interface - etc

These tools will include

Secretary for life - and beyond

Problem Sorter

House Chain Completer

A 'Firewall' for human beings - a personal protector

A standard letter writer

Phone in book writer

A 'Best Friend' a 'thinking' correspondent for the mind side of human life

An 'Active Sales Agent' for all ideas, thoughts, happenings.

A 'Interesting?' Machine - a focuser that helps direct attention the right way - a super encyclopaedia

A social patterns identifier - "Is it just me or is everyone twitchy /sad /angry /strange today?"

A future bank of everything that's ever added. for ever

An 'intelligent' project coordination tool

Family / small company coordinator

Automated buy /sell tool with auto deliver / collection

Voice controlled insurance updater

Opportunities researcher

A language library - world languages - cross reference-able

Or anything else that anyone thinks of

Ad infinitum


.well, in a few months time (-:

Mark Aldiss

+44 (0)1766 780 763

Ty Crwn Bach Harlech Gwynedd Wales UK LL46 2YT

The *'s instead of 'course verbiage' is so this can be sent via email, not out of sensitivity to those who decry such utterings in a serious document. (-: