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projectbrainsaver (BrainSpace)



If you take an individual's life today

you now have two timelines

 – theirs and the "digital data life" that runs beside them -

 until their deaths and beyond... From now, onwards.



This can be used to aid lives and this is the main aspect that Projectbrainsaver (BrainSpace) sets out to exploit for mutual benefit from now onwards.




Mark Aldiss – Ty Crwn Bach – Harlech – Gwynedd – Wales – UK

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It's my brain I'm trying to save!

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February 2004


Modified Document based on Audentify's

"Call Centre Solutions" document

Available from


System Additions

Autonomy / BrainSpace

Projectbrainsaver (BrainSpace)

White Paper

Staged Development

1 BrainSpace Overview


2 BrainSpace Solutions

The Core

2.1 Diary


Phone capture

‘Big Brother’ Remover

2.1.2 Telephony Support

An ‘Active Sales Agent’ for all ideas, thoughts, happenings

2.1.3 Architectural Benefits:

Gross Income Figures

2.2.1 A Helping Hand

Initial Document showing that all initial theoretical uses of commercial technology for personal use were possible now. Evaluate Needs Based on Call Content Competency Core Statistics

2.2.5 Intelligence Understand Trends in Data

2.3.1 Automatically Link To Relevant Information

2.3.2 Automatically Deliver E-Learning Materials

2.3.3 More Personalised

2.3.4 Locate Experts Quickly

3 BrainSpace s Technology

3.1 Core Audio Technology

3.1.1 Large Vocabulary Recognition


3.1.2 Inter-Speaker Independence

3.2.3 Non-Dictated Speech

3.2 Core Text Technology

3.2.1 Automatic Classification

Take every business reason and look for a personal reason that fits.

3.2.2 Automatic Personalization

3.2.3 Automated Content Operations:

3.2.4 Content Integration

4 BrainSpace Differentiation

100% Capture and Record


Clustering of Calls Based on Voice Content

Concept Retrieval

Real-time delivery of call related content from knowledge base

Real Time Alerting of Problem Calls

Automated FAQ Self Service

Immediate Return on Investment

Highly Scalable

True Automation

Expertise Location


Complete Synchronization


Multi-channel Integration of Content


Fully Integrated with Major Voice Switches and Enterprise Solutions

5 BrainSpace Scenarios



System Additions 


A system that would help millions of people join in with this world without having to have a computer and the internet - a system that kicks the ‘digital divide’ into a cocked hat.

A system that will give answers to people when they want them.

A system that will help them with their personal lives and their lives regarding interaction with the rest the society around them.

A system that will help with lifelong learning.

A system that allows their thoughts and memories to have value.

A system that gives millions of people the chance to use their brains for personal and social gain.

A system that finds them personal help when they need it.

A system that will get rid of ‘Big Brother’ once and for all.

A system that allows growth unfettered by the chains of local negative thinking.

A system that works on their behalf whilst they do other things.

A system that has applications designed to stabilise society by stabilising and helping individuals.

A system that is designed to give people the ability to help each other without necessarily knowing each other (anonymously).


Only Aungate can monitor, index, search, audit, retrieve, dispose of and understand the

content of all communications.

Only Aungate can integrate with all established communications systems.

 This project uses Autonomy Technology but is in no way backed by Autonomy or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates. This is the idea of 1 man and added to by the help of many - There is research going back 18 years involved in this most of it hard copied for viewing.

Table Of Contents

Projectbrainsaver (BrainSpace)


Projectbrainsaver (BrainSpace) is not a single format company with limited types of use with a limited market place.


Using the technology created by Autonomy, created for use in major businesses and for government uses, Projectbrainsaver (BrainSpace) gives the individual the power of that technology for their own use. It also gives SME’s the power of that technology at a price that is affordable. It also gives groups of any size the ability to use this technology for the betterment of the group and each individual in the group.


Acting for, and on behalf, of the client without interaction with other people or used as an automated switchboard to connect with like minds – the use of the powerful profiling tools built into Autonomy allows a quality of safe interaction only experienced by members of large groups or organisations already using Autonomy.


Projectbrainsaver (BrainSpace), powered by Autonomy, also allows for a number of games that can be run on a real time basis and can also act autonomously for the client even when they are offline.


Designed to help with normal life but especially for social exclusion - mental health - education - independence - social and personal problems, stress, the digital divide,  disasters.


projectbrainsaver is a new set of tools for Life management, delivering revolutionary solutions that enable 100% real-time help within society now.


Autonomy's technology can take any data stream (including voice and video) in real-time or near real time, analyze all aspects of the content and dynamically deliver related content.


This 'add in' will give anyone, normally by voice (95%+ direct voice control) and assisted by an automatically run ‘intelligent’ AI enhanced 'switchboard' instant, or near instant, access to any number of sources with an answer or piece of data that is relevant.


Advanced service will have voice coded interface – only your voice gets in – near instant translation into multiple languages with throughput to the phone of your choice – unlimited search and recall of any amount of data text, graphics, video – interfaces with digital TV – home/office interface – etc

These tools will include


  • Life Secretary
  • Problem Sorter
  • A 'Snowball' controller
  • The Brainstorming Machine
  • An autosorter
  • The ultimate safe dating agency
  • Family Fortuner
  • House Chain Completer
  • A ‘Firewall’ for human beings – a personal protector
  • A standard letter writer
  • Phone in book writer
  • A ‘Best Friend’ a ‘thinking’ correspondent for the mind side of human life
  • An ‘Active Sales Agent’ for all ideas, thoughts, happenings.
  • A ‘Interesting?’ Machine
  •  a super encyclopaedia
  • A social patterns identifier – “Is it just me or is everyone twitchy /sad /angry /strange today?”
  • A future bank of everything that’s ever added… for ever
  • An ‘intelligent’ project coordination tool
  • Family / small company coordinator
  • Automated buy /sell tool with auto deliver / collection
  • Voice controlled insurance updater
  • Opportunities researcher
  • A language library – world languages – cross reference-able
  • A saver of all endangered languages
  • Or anything else that anyone thinks of

Ad infinitum.


The above are only possible examples – actual uses will be based on market research and, more to the point, customer requirements.


Table Of Contents

Staged Development


With so many directions possible, and with so many ideas capable of being built with this technology, the core of Projectbrainsaver (BrainSpace) has to be designed with now but with the future in mind.


‘Now’ is a set of tools that will help individuals and SME’s with the normal running of their everyday lives. It is the spread of this technology and the user created uses that will bring the cost of the system down to amounts that are within the reach of low budget users like charities and other not for profit users.


The future is to have a readily available set of tools that can speed up the recovery of society after disasters and wars.


Autonomy technology has never been used for this specific application before but it has been used for many similar reasons in businesses worldwide.


Autonomy is not being used just for its ability to convert voice to text, although this is probably the best technology in the world for this purpose – the main reason for its use is because of its Dynamic Reasoning Engine (DRE) and its Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL).

The other reason for using Autonomy is because of its company foundations. Autonomy comes out of Neurodynamics. Neurodynamics was setup to help government intelligence services sort any data from any source without the need for human intervention.

Autonomy can take massive volumes of unstructured data and understand it.

It is designed to be highly secure on an individual and group basis.

Autonomy has two powerful applications called Audentify and Aungate which are designed to take data and automate actions related to that data.

Audentify sits between a caller and the agent in a call centre. As the caller speaks about their problem Audentify automatically understands what they are saying and directs them to the right agent for their call reason. As the caller speaks to the agent Audentify is ‘listening’ and puts up on the agents screen answers that fit the callers input/query.

Aungate was designed to circumvent the sort of problems that corporates go through regarding illegal trading. As members within the company talk or mail each other or talk/mail customers, suppliers, etc, Aungate monitors all communications and, based on the laws relating to their business, allows or disallows illegal or wrong information to be passed out.


Table Of Contents

The Core

Only Aungate can monitor, index, search, audit, retrieve, dispose of and understand the

content of all communications.

Only Aungate can integrate with all established communications systems.


The basis of the core has to be its ability to understand voice input. Autonomy has said that 95%+ voice control is built in as standard although Softsound has said that their technology can only offer 80% accuracy on first hearing the input (for transcription purposes)– this does not mean that Autonomy only understands 80% of what is being said – Autonomy understands core concepts so should be able to return a valid answer based on that understanding.

The trial function will be to tighten this figure up and put in place voice menu’s and controls that maximise this figure. There will be certain inputted words or sentences that are misleading – a simple AI system will need to be placed that uses the input to formulate appropriate output of the right statement in order gain the best / raise the comprehension figure – hopefully to 100%.

Because all input will be recorded – for the clients use if they have an account – or for temporary use in order to run further clarification tools such as Softsound – data can be worked on in parallel to the call that is taking place. Autonomy is designed with this as an integral part of its core design.

Depending on the quantity of data returned as an answer there will be a system in place that informs the user of the answer directly or indirectly. Normally Audentify displays to VDU. This output will be looped back to the caller through voice, text, sms or even snail mail. A standard feature of Autonomy is the ability to specify how accurate an answer is based on the input given. Using Kenjin, an early version of a personal user tool based on the Autonomy core, it was possible to set the similarity rating for data returned – this would be shown next to any material found as a % of ‘closeness’ to the data asked for.

So, based on the databases available, This should be the most useful and easiest use – an automated answer machine – based on confirmation of the question asked an answer of some sort will be provided with its ‘accuracy’* rating.

Whether this is possible on a pay as you go basis from a pay phone for example or whether this needs to be an account only basis would be part of the trial findings.

The next main use would be as a ‘dumping ground’ for all thoughts, feelings and daily happenings.


Autonomy has tools designed to focus on voice data

With the acquisition of SoftSound, a renowned speech recognition company, Autonomy adds to its infrastructure offering the ability to  handle multimedia content, such as videos, broadcasts, audio archives, news feed streams, etc, which becomes largely available in organizations, thanks to the bandwidth and storage improvements.

 Autonomy's technology understands multimedia content by transcribing the audio content into text, then identifies and ranks the main concepts within it, and automatically personalizes and delivers that information to those who need it any way they want - across the Internet, the extended enterprise or using other digital channels,

 such as mobile phones, PDAs, etc.




Standard Functionality

1 Hyperlinking Categorization Profiling Personalization Community Collaboration 6 Retrieval 7 Alerting 8 Delivery 9 Summarization 10 Tagging 11 Taxonomy Generation 12 Clustering 13 Language Support 14Active Services 15 Visualizer

Specific Functionality

A Speech Recognition B Realtime Transcription C 2 x Realtime Transcription

D Speaker Recognition


The trial’s main object will be to personalise these services – take the above and build structures/interfaces that allow the above tools to be used to best effect for the ‘person on the street’.

If the list from the front of this document is used in conjunction with the above then


A system that would help millions of people join in with this world without having to have a computer and the internet. 1 – 15 + A - D

A system that will give answers to people when they want them. 3,4,5,6,7,8,14,15

A system that will help them with their personal lives and their lives regarding interaction with the rest the society around them. 3,4,5,11,12,13,14,15 Life Secretary

A system that will help with lifelong learning. 1 – 15 A - D A ‘Interesting?’ Machine – a focuser that helps direct attention the right way – a super encyclopaedia

A system that allows their thoughts and memories to have value. 1 – 15 A – D *

A system that gives millions of people the chance to use their brains for personal and social gain. 5,13,14,15 A - D *

A system that finds them personal help when they need it. 1 – 15 Problem Sorter

A system that kicks the ‘digital divide’ into a cocked hat. A – D 1 – 15

A system that will get rid of ‘Big Brother’ once and for all. 3,4,5,7,14,15 A ‘Firewall’ for human beings – a personal protector

A system that allows growth unfettered by the chains of local negative thinking. 1 – 15

A system that works on their behalf whilst they do other things. 1 – 15 A - D An ‘Active Sales Agent’ for all ideas, thoughts, happenings

A system that has applications designed to stabilise society by stabilising and helping individuals. A – D 1 – 15 A social patterns identifier – “Is it just me or is everyone twitchy /sad /angry /strange today?”

A system that is designed to give people the ability to help each other without necessarily knowing each other (anonymously)3,4,5,14 Opportunities researcher Intelligent switchboard


Table Of Contents


‘Big Brother’ Remover


In this instance ‘Big Brother’ is any agency, whether government of private, that wishes to distort the thinking of anyone or any group in order to attain its own ends.


All actions taken by these bodies will show up as hotspots if the right directions are focussed on (Autonomy’s own background and customer base has been discussed as being a powerful step towards structuring this side)

A simple commercial example could be the use of illegal subliminal advertising. As customer profiles become more substantial any reactions outside the norm which are repeated over a customer group could be the cause for an ‘alarm bell’ if there seems to be no normally valid reason for the discrepancy.

With government run media this type of tool could be used to analyse any input fed to consumers if an inconsistent reaction appears within multiple profiles.


Taking the opposite approach – As each client builds their profile they will be able to decide whether to opt in or opt out of databases held by institutions and organisations. Some government data will have to be legally kept but this will show up on the customers record board / interface as being where it should be for the reasons stated by the government dept concerned – With the Freedom of Information Act finally coming of age in January of 2005 most data holders will be obliged to inform of data kept and for what reasons. There should be a strong possibility of some form of bulk agreement regarding opted in customers and ourselves regarding their data and agencies concerned ie Experian contracted to supply all data found on the client and methods for removing it if possible or if wanted.

Conversely this system can be used to positively link personal data into government and company databases in order to achieve better service.


Table Of Contents

An ‘Active Sales Agent’ for all ideas, thoughts, happenings

A system that works on their behalf whilst they do other things. 1 – 15 A - D


As clients fill their databanks with work, words and ideas, research, life, etc these will become of increasing value not just on a personal level but on a sociological level as well.

It might be that someone has written the next ‘Thornbirds’ or has been at the site of a major incident and photographed it all. It could be that the TV has posed a question during a documentary and they have written down what they see as a possible answer. Having inputted what they have it is up to them to decide whether this input is displayed and to whom it is displayed.

There are over 9 million users of creative thought contactable through the Department of Culture, Media and Sport’s ‘Creative Industries Fact File’ (There are other lists as well). Were any of these to subscribe to a service similar in essence to the Hulton Picture Library or Reuters but based on browsing the output of any or all the subscribers to Projectbrainsaver (BrainSpace) there is a strong chance of sales being made for those subscribers – rather like winning the lottery but for using the brain rather than just for ticking boxes.

Each potential buyer will be able to configure their needs with regard to material therefore focussing only on the subject matter required – Autonomy already has this function built in.


Table Of Contents


One of Autonomy's Value Added Reseller's, Okana, has said of this project



'I can see the essence of the idea and also the very significant potential'

Gross Income Figures


The 'quick' quote for the startup interface is around £350,000 and 3 - 5 months - Individuals will want this technology to do different things for them - Each new idea is programmed into the interface and offered as a new service - the inbuilt 'hotspotting' or highlighting of areas of focus - will also allow relevant 'extra's to be easily built into the core. Autonomy is capable of being added to in many different programming languages - this could even offer income to units of learning of any level and any size.


It has been put forward that tertiary education establishments could be offered the chance to use their resources - both people and knowledge base - to speedily enhance this set of personal power tools - many definitions or points of known truths will come from research published by these bodies - it is only fair and reasonable to secure your quality of data by going to the source with an offer of mutual empowerment.



Table Of Contents



Initial Document showing that all initial theoretical uses of commercial technology for personal use were possible now.

The document below is the first attempt (Saturday, 10th February 2004 1:52 PM) to prove that, with one company's technology (there are many others who could offer part or all of the same services with their technology) a lot of powerful and down to earth help can be offered to 'everyday' people for a reasonable sum.


The document is Autonomy's "Call Centre Solutions" document - available from Audentify, and on the web.

Their document sets out what Audentify is capable of now. The document below sets out what could almost 100% certainly be achieved for the public at large now.



Autonomy / BrainSpace





White Paper


The words in this document were initially taken from Audentify’s own white paper on their own technology.

Because BrainSpace would be using their system it was interesting to try and just change a few words here or there in order to show how readily adaptable the technology is for its new use. No Deception is intended!

The words that were changed other than ‘BrainSpace’ for ‘Autonomy’ were changed with one single rule controlling the changes made.

Copyright © 2004 Mark Aldiss.

All rights reserved. Other trademarks are registered trademarks and the properties of their respective owners.





There is



more… See how much you spot!






Copyright © 2004 BrainSpace

1 BrainSpace Overview

BrainSpace is a new set of tools for Life management, delivering revolutionary solutions that enable 100% real-time  analysis and help within lives now.


BrainSpace's technology can take any voice stream in real-time, analyze all aspects of the content and dynamically deliver related content.


This information can be used to analyze needs for individuals by what is said and typed, as well as via overall call statistics (such as strength of belief, number of sad words, money worries). The benefits of the technology are further propagated through BrainSpace’s ability to identify immediate or retrospective trends in conversations using automatic clustering, delivering instant balanced possibilities to the person needing the result in question. This in turn may be used to drive opportunities, improve life and sort social baggage.


2 BrainSpace Solutions

In the past, the process of computers helping with lives has been limited by the inability of computers to understand the content and context of conversations and exchanges of information. With the advent of BrainSpace, People can for the first time use a range of automatic solutions that enable 100% recording and in-depth, effective analysis of all patterns between Life and people, while integrating with existing enterprise systems. This ability to integrate relevant data automatically enables lessons learnt in life to be extrapolated to deliver a full and accurate portrait of what's really happening inside and outside someone’s head.

BrainSpace enables people to:

  Record their inner thoughts

  Analyze them

  automatically deliver real time information to that person

Assist the person by automatically understanding what they are saying.

BrainSpace's software automatically forms an accurate understanding of the content of information and is able to analyze the concepts within text and voice data using natural language voice recognition in combination with language independent pattern matching technology. Because BrainSpace's solutions are fully automatic, they require no expensive manual preparation of data, and are fully scalable and secure. This following section discusses BrainSpace’s capabilities in more detail.

2.1 Diary

BrainSpace's unique speech recognition capabilities enable calls to be retrieved based on the content of what was actually said. Calls can be replayed in real-time or selected from archived material.


Phone capture

Phone activity can be captured and stored. This information can be linked to other relevant recordings and documents.

This gives a verbal diary/appointments calendar

An anger management system

A life pattern analyser

A financial analyser

An ideas jotter with the ability to check for similar ideas outside


2.1.2 Telephony Support

The BrainSpace solution makes voice logging more accessible and cost effective. Negating the requirement to process digital telephone signals using hardware intensive DSP cards, the BrainSpace solution distributes uncompressed digital audio (64 kb/sec) straight to disk with the option of softcompression in real time or at a later stage.



BrainSpace supports D-Channel information and Audio for the following PABXs:

  Alcatel 4200/4400

  Ascom Ascotel

  Aspect CallSpace

  Avaya 5ESS

  Avaya Definity G3 2-wire, 4-wire

  Avaya Merlin Legend MLX series

      2-wire, 4-wire (new)

  Bosch Integral 2-wire, 4-wire

  Ericsson Business Phone Elu25/28

  Ericsson MD110 Elu25/28

  Generic S0 (BRI)

  Generic Up0


  Lucent Index (SDX) (new)

  Mitel SX200/SX2000 (new)


  Nortel Matra (new)

  Nortel Meridian M1

  Nortel Norstar

  Philips Sopho 2-wire, 4-wire

  Siemens Hicom

  Siemens HiPath (new)

  Tadicom Coral

In the Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN), the D-channel is the channel that carries control and signalling information (Voice, Data and other Services) to the BrainSpace solution. In turn, this information is recorded and efficiently stored for either immediate analysis or archive purposes.


2.1.3 Architectural Benefits:

Highly scalable Capture and Recording

Saves space in the frame (removes requirement for DSP hardware)

ISA & PCI bus support

Variable soft-compression of audio content


2.2 More Understanding

Understanding the needs within any life has traditionally taken effort on the part of someone. In order to effectively sort some needs people typically spend many hours trawling through irrelevant information to get to the particular content that is of use. BrainSpace’s solutions overcome this inherent weakness by providing full speech recognition capabilities in addition to delivering the information needed by the person, which in turn means that their time can be dedicated to performing higher value tasks. In addition to personal analytics, BrainSpace drives real understanding of personal needs.

BrainSpace’s personal analytics allow highlighting of areas where information provision is failing, thus driving effective learning strategies. The key to successful integration of voice recognition in any person’s life is that BrainSpace recognizes not only key words but also more importantly concepts in speech. This means that even if key words are not captured automatically, BrainSpace is able to recognize topic areas and automate operations around them such as the automatic classification of telephone conversation.

2.2.1 A Helping Hand

Automation of many of the traditionally time-consuming tasks performed by people frees up expensive time and enables them to conduct higher value tasks within their lives. BrainSpace’s speech recognition capabilities form an integral part of these solutions. Evaluate Needs Based on Call Content

Any interaction can be recalled and analyzed via the use of natural language conceptual retrieval, either in real-time or on stored data

BrainSpace’s unique speech recognition and alerting capabilities enable problems to be highlighted to the person in real-time based on an understanding of actual reality, such as swearing and other abusive language.

Calls can be automatically clustered, enabling similar conversations with similar concepts to be gathered together. In turn these results can then, according to their content or other statistical information, be presented on a personal level as well as syndicated out on an anonymous basis. This capability means that BrainSpace can show what percentage of conversations are related to different issues being dealt with in any sector of life automatically. Competency

BrainSpace’s unique speech recognition capability enables consumers to navigate to conversations or conversation extracts based on the actual content of what has been said allowing the system to be used as a personal assistant as well as providing the possibility of many other services.

In addition to providing the ability to record both the inbound and outbound calls simultaneously, BrainSpace further delivers the options to record these lines independently from one another. This feature therefore offers the capability to graphically illustrate when callers are speaking at the same time or when the volume of the conversation increases, thereby identifying possible conflict when dealing with relatives, for instance, or helping to solve sales disputes negating costly court battles.

BrainSpace offers the ability to easily analyze peoples competency regarding norms – these norms are first established by any research results to be found and then ‘topped up’ by analysis of data found in BrainSpace. This functionality provides information on all aspects of personal performance, from how upset the person has been over the last six months to how many times that person is disappointed. For example, it would be possible to determine that conversations pertaining to one subject are always ended within two minutes, whereas calls about another subject always take much longer to finish and contain a higher level of positive words. This might suggest areas where additional thought should be given.

People are able to compare their performance to others for better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses (e.g. where certain people always react more unusually than others to conversations regarding a particular subject). Core Statistics

Besides BrainSpace’s abilities to evaluate needs and performance, BrainSpace also delivers the ability to extract and generate statistics. Enabling people to continually identify new trends, BrainSpace automatically creates a range of charts that display for example the frequency of callers that are being rude, calls that are sorted, people who are at work, how many people want help on love matters, how many people are ill, whether flu is going around, who’s worried, or even who hates the govt with a passion.

This provides data that is contemporary, up to date, interesting and saleable. Free information can be fed through to an open web site but more specialised data can be fed through to the industries concerned.


2.2.5 Intelligence

Whilst the system concentrates on personal inner performance, BrainSpace also provides the organization with tools to gather outside Intelligence: Understand Trends in Data

  BrainSpace offers the ability to analyze all aspects of calls made by people. This could include knowing how many people have called regarding a certain emotion, service or news item.

  Voice content can also be clustered via a graphical interface to show hot topics and emerging themes. This data can therefore be fed back to drive improvements throughout the system, as well as other opportunities. For example, the distressing effect of a world situation could easily be monitored through a heat map showing the content of calls made in the period following the situation.


2.3.1 Automatically Link To Relevant Information

In order to resolve personal enquiries or worries with minimal wait time and frustration, people need to have a wide range of information at their fingertips. This information could be located in varied repositories. BrainSpace's solutions are able to listen to incoming calls and automatically suggest hyperlinks to pertinent information that exists to help the person resolve the call first time. This might include responses to similar requests that have been dealt with successfully in the past. Alternatively, this useful information could be delivered when the person asks a query or searches for information. While most FAQ systems rely on Key Word technology or costly manual categorization, BrainSpace’s solution is completely automatic. Moreover, BrainSpace uses powerful pattern matching techniques, which discover concepts in text and voice to bring back highly relevant information in real time.

BrainSpace is able to recognize the way in which questions have been asked so that if a consumer asks, "what does the black button do on the top of my phone?" BrainSpace will automatically identify other questions with similar concepts and offer the person answers that have already worked.

For common enquiries, the system might prefer to direct the person to a designated self-help site run on BrainSpace technology.

Because BrainSpace's unique technology is able to deliver on the spot assistance to people, the need for long and complex conversation is reduced. Users are brought up to speed faster with relevant, helpful information and learning is increased. The ability to provide on the spot assistance to people also brings a host of ‘softer' benefits. People feel more empowered, as they are able to resolve problematic enquiries themselves, with less reliance on others support. This also increases personal satisfaction as people are more informed.


2.3.2 Automatically Deliver E-Learning Materials

BrainSpace offers the ability to automatically deliver e-learning materials in areas where People perform poorly or need updating. Links can be provided to content in all forms and formats, from PowerPoint presentations to video extracts and audio clips, all of which are tailored to the persons specific needs, thereby avoiding hours and potentially days wasted in lengthy and expensive training courses. BrainSpace's automatic profiling and personalization will allow people to view the key 5 minutes of a training video that can help them in their work. All this can be done without the need to manually break training information down into key areas, BrainSpace does this automatically.

2.3.3 More Personalised

BrainSpace's ability to profile people through their previous needs and understand what they are really looking for effectively drives this process. Additionally, BrainSpace is able to deliver the people' case history and profile of their interests or issues to them, which enables them to respond more efficiently and get a personalized experience.

2.3.4 Locate Experts Quickly

BrainSpace offers the ability for People to locate other people with experience in a specific area quickly and easily, speeding up response times and minimizing frustration. Personal expertise profiles are generated implicitly through the ability to understand the information that a person has already inputted, as well as explicitly through forms, ensuing that they are fully up-to-date and capture the tacit knowledge and experience that traditional systems are unable to leverage.


3 BrainSpace's Technology

BrainSpace's technology is the only fully automated, integrated and synchronized technology available for any life management system.

BrainSpace's technology combines the most advanced speech recognition, with intelligent text analysis and synchronization technologies to deliver unparalleled help in any life.


3.1 Core Audio Technology

BrainSpace's solutions are based on audio analysis technology developed by SoftSound, which uses advanced statistical methods to deal with all aspects of processing the digital audio signal. It employs a wide range of recognition technologies - from keyword and phrase spotting to small and large vocabulary continuous speech recognition, speaker recognition and language recognition. Because of the accuracy and utility of the speech recognition, SoftSound's technology has consistently outperformed other systems for the precision of its real-time anonymous speech recognition tasks as benchmarked by:

  DARPA and NIST (both US Government agencies)

  THISL (an EU research initiative)

  SQUALE (a pan-European evaluation)

To achieve anything near the level of precision that Softsound's recognition engine achieves, the closest of the other systems required a massive increase (around ten times) in hardware investment and their associated running costs, to get close to the precision that the SoftSound technology delivers on a standard Pentium box.

Softsound's audio analysis technology uses neural network technology and "Hidden Markov Models" (HMMs) to construct a highly efficient acoustic model, which is able to provide a fast, accurate and dynamic solution within variable and rapidly changing acoustic environments. The system technology is based around decomposing digitized speech into its phonetic constructs. The phonetic sequence is then analyzed in conjunction with acoustic model and statistical improbabilities to calculate which is the most probable sequence of hence words and utterances. The major benefits of the approach to speech processing and recognition taken by the BrainSpace audio analysis technology are described below:

3.1.1 Large Vocabulary Recognition

Using patented predictive technology the speech analyzer is able to provide the benefits of a large vocabulary speech recognition system without the overhead of a vast search space when considering sample audio.

3.1.2 Inter-Speaker Independence

Transcription of speech and segmentation by person requires no initial per person training. Whereas many other approaches require training data from specific speakers to realize their full potential, the BrainSpace system performs consistently well across a wide variety of previously unrecognized speech sources. This is because the underlying technology was initially developed to maintain inter-person independence and not as a single user transcription tool.

3.2.3 Non-Dictated Speech

Information feeds, such as noisy phone calls, are often intrinsically difficult to transcribe due to noisy conditions and less than perfect articulation. BrainSpace's sophisticated signal processing and statistical techniques enable the transcription engine to filter out extraneous noise, compensate for low volume levels and probabilistically predict intended dialogue.


3.2 Core Text Technology

BrainSpace's advanced textual processing capabilities are based on a unique technology developed by Autonomy.

Autonomy employs advanced pattern matching technology (non-linear adaptive digital signal processing) to extract from audio transcripts and documents the digital essence that determines the characteristics that give the text meaning. Once Autonomy's technology has identified and encoded the unique "signature" of the key concepts, Concept People are created to seek out similar ideas in websites, news feeds, email archives, FAQ system and other documents. Because it does not rely on keywords, BrainSpace’s technology can work with any language.

For the first time, the personal phone can now be enabled to automatically form an understanding of content and automate operations dependant upon this unstructured content. Many critical processes and tasks traditionally performed manually within any life can now be automated by BrainSpace’s technology.

BrainSpace provides the key functional operations that lead to real lifestyle benefits such as increased productivity within the work place, an increase in information retention and a significant reduction in the cost of maintaining data while improving the quality of living. Core Text functionality includes:

3.2.1 Automatic Classification

BrainSpace’s classification capabilities remove the necessity for Brain Spaces to rely on human intervention or manual processing of information, such as manual tagging, typically required to make most peoples lives work. BrainSpace’s ability to consistently and accurately classify Voice Recordings automatically is a unique solution that overcomes the predicaments surrounding the exponential growth of unstructured data in any life.




Transcribe Concept







Based on BrainSpace’s ability to understand any information contextually using advanced pattern-recognition technology, the solution provides a wide range of highly scalable classification solutions that automatically categorizes or clusters information while generating taxonomies on the fly.

Automatic Classification features:

  Scalable Categorization of In/Outbound telephone conversations

  Clustering enabling the identification of emerging trends

  Taxonomy Generation to organize and build intuitive navigation



And so on back to the original.


Take every business reason and look for a personal reason that fits.

These tools can include

·        A standard letter writer

·        A Phone in book writer

·        A ‘Firewall’ for human beings – a personal protector

·        A ‘Best Friend’ a ‘thinking’ correspondent for the mind side of human life

·        An ‘Active Sales Agent’ for all ideas, thoughts, happenings.

·        A ‘Interesting?’ Machine – a focuser that helps direct attention the right way – a super encyclopaedia

·        A Family data bank for present and future family use

·        An asset manager – helps work your assets to their best advantage

·        A ‘part time work’ job centre for all those small jobs needing doing by those who need additional income.

·        A social patterns identifier – “Is it just me or is everyone twitchy/sad/angry/strange today?”

·        And many easily configured add-ons whenever they are needed


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Turn the profiler inside out as well as have an outside one.


Load the benefit rules and regs of the uk as well as all laws, PATENTS club rules game rules rules of any kind which set a standard standards themselves. Even mad garbled crap – it might be powerful poetry in disguise – we might be too thick to see it.

Try and link in to institutes that offer top rated research into voice and sentence/grammar analysis – they can set the open standards that this starts from.

What this machine will do will split into many layers and many directions

Sell the per line use of any or all of its capabilities to individuals, phone companies, ISP’s, organisations, institutions, companies, governments, Voluntary services, small groups, the police forces, the tv stations and papers, magazines, creativity users,



3.2.2 Automatic Personalization

Powered by Autonomy’s infrastructure technology, BrainSpace delivers a range of powerful personalization operations based on an individual’s profile. For example from a Support Tier perspective, users are provided with facilities to register interests (natural language descriptions or by defined by example), monitor telephone conversations and be alerted to information pertinent to their own personal criteria e.g. “Alert me when  anyone wants to know about the divorce procedure” etc. Alternatively this same process can be used to deliver specific information from e-learning systems to someone. Through automatic concept extraction, BrainSpace’s profiling feature provides the organization with a real time tool to accurately understand individuals’  based on browsing, content consumption or conversation. In turn, these multi-faceted conceptual profiles of users allow organizations to automatically identify experts within the system who can answer people’s queries more effectively.

Automatic Personalization features:

  Agent/Support Personalization

  Understanding consumer needs/Agent knowledge using profiling

Expertise location in any life

3.2.3 Automated Content Operations:

A unique application of identifying conceptually related information pertinent to a telephone conversation is demonstrated by BrainSpace’s hyperlinking functionality. Completely removing the requirement to manually insert hyperlinks into content, BrainSpace generates hyperlinks (during a conversation or textual query) in real-time, presenting immediate and up-to-date results to the person. Moreover, saving the person considerable time in identifying the appropriate responses, summaries of answers can be generated that relate to the context of the original inquiry - allowing the most applicable dynamic abstract to be provided for a given query.

Another key requirement in the Brain centre is to empower People with intuitive information discovery. Delivering higher degrees of accuracy and sophistication, using a scalable technology that recognizes concepts BrainSpace provides powerful retrieval features, including natural language, conceptual search, refine by example, People and query by example. BrainSpace further supports legacy retrieval mechanisms, such as keyword, Boolean, Proximity, Soundex etc.

Automatic Content Operations:

  Hyperlinking - Automatically linking People to relevant information

  Summarization – Improving call response times

  Retrieval – empowering accurate information discovery in the Brain centre

3.2.4 Content Integration

Termed Universal Repository Interfacing, BrainSpace’s “Integration Through Understanding” (ITU) capabilities enable Lives to simultaneously exploit all existing information assets, providing unified operations across all data. In this way Lives can immediately integrate BrainSpace with existing e-learning, document management and CRM systems.

Moreover, BrainSpace solutions are not reliant on any single file, data format or information repository. The BrainSpace product set includes a range of highly scalable Connectors that automatically aggregate more than 200 different content formats, from the most comprehensive range of repositories:

  Document Management Repositories

  CRM Systems

  E-learning Servers

  Relational Database Management Systems

  Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions

  Local File Systems

  Internet Servers

  E-mail Servers

  News Feed Servers

Formats commonly supported include unstructured data such as HTML pages, PDF and word processing documents, spreadsheets, electronic mail, as well as XML based data and structured data from (RDBMS Tables) relational database management systems.


Table Of Contents

4 BrainSpace Differentiation

BrainSpace delivers many key differentiators that people can turn to their advantage:

100% Capture and Record

BrainSpace provides a range of recording functionalities to ensure that all the calls you require are captured within your Life.

Large vocabulary Understanding of Voice Content

The BrainSpace solution provides the ability to retrieve and analyze calls based on what was said in the conversation. This opens a whole new realm of possibilities for ROI based benefits on the most valuable information in a Life.

Clustering of Calls Based on Voice Content

BrainSpace is able to cluster related calls automatically delivering a heat map of potential problem areas for business unit heads to identify (e.g. my Ford car had a tyre blow-out in Florida).

Concept Retrieval

BrainSpace enables content to be searched simultaneously in any format or location, and presents the operative with summaries and hyperlinks to similar information, automatically and in real-time. BrainSpace's solutions offer higher degrees of accuracy and sophistication, using a scalable technology that forms an understanding of concepts. Putting information into context, this unique differentiator provides powerful conceptual retrieval features, including:

  Natural Language Retrieval

  Query By Example

  Refine By Example

 Cross-Language Search

Real-time delivery of call related content from knowledge base

BrainSpace's solutions identify relationships between information, which enables the cross-referencing of content. Given any piece of content, BrainSpace can identify and deliver related material, such as responses that have previously been formulated and provided to people. This reduces time wasted searching for information, as well as increasing the speed with which operatives resolve problematic calls.

Real Time Alerting of Problem Calls

BrainSpace is able to form an understanding of the content of voice conversations in real time and then alert a helper to problem calls immediately.

Automated FAQ Self Service

This unique technology provides an integrated self-service solution to allow consumer needs to be further serviced through automatic related delivery of information based on the consumer's profile and requests.

Immediate Return on Investment

By delivering true automation within someone’s Life, BrainSpace's technology is unique.

Highly Scalable

BrainSpace's technology is capable of handling and manipulating up to a billion pieces of audio content, enabling tasks that were previously impossible, or required a massive editorial overhead, to be performed completely automatically. Our architecture can be fully distributed for optimum efficiency and performance.

True Automation

By "automation", we don't mean complex integration, reliance on consultancy, complex training, workflow reengineering, etc. We mean a technology that, after simple installation, works straight away and immediately starts automating key tasks, requiring no more than basic systems administration.

Expertise Location

BrainSpace's solution allows the experts related to specific solutions and products to be automatically identified for tier 3 support.


Unlike 'dumb' black-box solutions, BrainSpace's technology continually learns from the content it handles and automatically expands its vocabulary. It can be easily adapted to accommodate new language models, genres or specific vocabulary.


Table Of Contents

Complete "Synchronization"

The synchronization of audio and scripts allows comparison of potentially incorrect advice being provided to people.


BrainSpace offers a powerful and integrated e-learning solution that delivers personalized, on the job learning to people. This personalized approach increases adoption levels and allows an individual to learn independently, drastically reducing costs involved in traditional training. In addition to reducing costs, BrainSpace enables people to save critical time, eliminate duplication of effort and increase productivity.

Multi-channel Integration of Content

BrainSpace is able to use Autonomy's Integration Through Understanding™ capability to deliver multi-channel integration whether through e-mail, web site access and browsing, wireless needs, interactive TV access, as well as phone access to deliver a complete understanding of the consumer and of information stored across multiple repositories.

Fully Integrated with Major Voice Switches and Enterprise Solutions

BrainSpace's products integrate with existing legacy and 3rd party systems and use open standards, including XML.


4.1 Differentiation Overview

  100% Capture & Record

  Large Vocabulary Understanding of Voice Content

  Clustering of Calls Based on Voice Content

  Automated FAQ Self Service

  Automatic Expertise Location

  Concept Retrieval

  Real-time Alerting of Problem Calls

  Real-time Delivery of Call Related Content From Knowledge           Base

  Scalable Technology

  True Automation


  Complete Synchronization

  E-Learning integration

  Multi-channel integration of content

  Fully integrated with major voice switches and enterprise solutions

5 BrainSpace Scenarios

BrainSpace delivers a Life PERSONAL ASSISTANT solution, which was developed to help People answer calls on a wide range of issues, including telecomms network and cell-phone specific information.

In this scenario, the PERSONAL ASSISTANT receives a call and types the consumer question live and using the consumer's own language into BrainSpace's PERSONAL ASSISTANT application. A key point to note here is that the representative does not have to interpret what the consumer is trying to say. The PERSONAL ASSISTANT types the inquiry as it is said, so if the user says, "I want to know how to change the battery on a T39", the rep does not have to know that they are referring to an Ericsson T39 mobile phone. BrainSpace will then deliver the paragraph or page of a manual or document that answers the question, without the need for the Agent to search through pages of manuals or irrelevant information. All of this is achieved without the need to manually tag, search, hyperlink and classify information.

Alternatively, using BrainSpace's real time voice recognition, the caller's issue is matched with the BrainSpace knowledge base in without the need for the Agent to transcribe the caller's question.


Accept misspellings, as the consumer and the representative will not always spell correctly

Suggest alternatives, as the answer to a similar question may exist. This is done in one of three ways:

A user requires phone specific information but the database does not have the correct response for the consumer's phone. However, there is a response to the same problem for a similar phone and this will be suggested

The user has a general question that does not have a specific answer in the database. Here BrainSpace will suggest questions and answers that have used similar language to try to find a response

A consumer has a general question that could be answered more specifically. For instance 'can I receive information by SMS' could be made more specific with Finance, Social or Weather information. Here BrainSpace splits answers, which can be made more specific and will offer the PERSONAL ASSISTANT suggestions to make the answer more precise

Automatically pass new questions and responses to a central checkpoint where the question and answer are verified and then added to the knowledge database

Allow an administrator to check and add new content


The addition of this application has a serious impact on several areas of the system, namely:

1. The training of an PERSONAL ASSISTANT takes less time so the cost to train is lower and the PERSONAL ASSISTANT is productive more quickly

2. The PERSONAL ASSISTANT is able to answer individual calls more quickly as they do not have to search for relevant answers (and thereby put the caller on hold) or forward the call to another more knowledgeable PERSONAL ASSISTANT.

3. People are provided with better service as their questions are dealt with quickly and more professionally

4. PERSONAL ASSISTANT’s are able to tackle a broader range of issues so fewer "experts" are required

……I have a lovely use for the personal assistant side of this kit!!!


With major thanks to Audentify’s own white paper published last year. From which most of this text has been stripped in order to show how easy it is to do this job now.


Think of offering every person an extra brain and every business or organisation the chance to double its thinking and organisational capacity overnight by adopting this kit for each person who could use it.

Then take the side which is created by you becoming the first and best and add the power you will have to throw real help at where its needed. Build the excitement about being alive – give hope regarding coping with the future – remove a lot of the ignorance and uncertainty.

Change the world the next bit.

I’ve still got loads of it in my brain but this will do for starters.


©Mark Aldiss Saturday, 10/02/04 1:52 PM



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