The plan-15-may-2014

One Billion Voices Crying

A child hurts. A child cries. We rush and help. The crying stops. The tears dry and the smile comes back. We dance. We sing. All is well. If you are a right minded human you can't turn your back on a child in pain.

Their backs are turned and they are watching TV...

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Thursday, 15 May 2014
The Plan

What I am aiming at achieving -

Through outside contact, as an outsider, get to most of, if not all and more, of the one billion rising people and get their input on the capture of voices and emotions and the anonymous, or open - with the 'voices' permission, use of that data to bring the plight of females to world wide and constant, from then on attention, until the abuse levels to that of man to man, or better.

Time scale for very perceivable drop in gender based abuse = 5 years or less

Via the use of a highly complex mashup with AI, Cognitive computing, Meaning based computing, Voice analytics etc

The creation of

apps, web apps, whatever is shown to work, freephone number with voice analytics via VoIP, PoC, etc

These will add a daily or hourly 'weather forecast' of female abuse world wide to any and all users of weather forcast programs, world scale maps, and local maps (nearest pizza place? just turn left but this area sucks for the treatment of women! Nearest laundrette? turn right but know they like beating up gays around here!) anywhere where news is important because the health of this planet will be tied to its attitude to its women

Launched on 14 feb 2015

launch via a possible updates to web browsers which is date bombed for that 14th feb 2015 to ask a particular question before allowing person on net (can be bypassed but bypassed counts as back turned).

Question could be

What do you hate?

Do you hate something?

Are women poison?

Are men cruel?

Do you hate the opposite sex?

Are men and women equal?

Question is being refined as we speak

Follow up during days onwards with real time input to crowdmap Abuse weather maps for each area, details of the sort of abuse still being allowed world wide, etc

Based on all input during next 11 months tools will be devised and installed for trial and launch on that day


These tools and this focus will also enable the use of these type of tools for a much wider use for all different types of human problem

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