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"The next goal is to trigger 

Worldwide use of an 'intelligent' voice controlled interface

that allows anyone to achieve far more than is possible at the present-and most of this will work
 just by talking."

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 Every phone is a Super Smart Phone – The new era of the Super Life

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"Hello phone!    The meeting with Jack Jones next Thursday at three is ok. Let him know and remind me the night before… and also a couple of hours before hand. Email Lisa and let her know I will be late by 20 minutes and also let her know where I am. Get on to Tesco's and get some interesting food delivered. See if Mary wants a chat now or just say hi. Find daughter number three and say boo. Swap some money over to Peter's account- not too much, and let him know when it's done. Is it illegal to tow a car with rope? Find me one of Lisa's sort of pub near Winchester and check that it serves food after nine tonight. Ask John to bell me about giving me a hand tomorrow. Send the photo of me with the clown suit on to Rachel... ….. ….. Am I really unreasonable and moody today? Is there a reason why I might be? I keep thinking of whale song – find me some. I’m going into town now – anyone want a lift? I’m not coming back till after five." 

Think what you will. The next stage of the development of the human digital network is going to get very interesting and life will get a lot easier sooner than you think.


That's all you have to do - Google Analytics will tell me when the go point is reached

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Removing some of the divides sooner rather than later

"The next goal is to trigger Worldwide use of an 'intelligent' voice controlled interface 

that allows anyone to achieve far more than is possible at the present - just by talking."

new voice powered service that gives answers when needed

new voice powered service that helps with problems

new voice powered service that helps with learning

new voice powered service that allows thoughts and memories to have their value

new voice powered service that will give millions of people

the chance to use their brains more

new voice powered service that finds help

new voice powered service that will kick the ‘digital divide’ into a cocked hat

new voice powered service that can help sort ‘Big Brother’

new voice powered service that helps with personal growth

new voice powered service that has applications designed to help 

stabilize society by stabilizing and helping individuals and groups

new voice powered service that is designed to give people the ability to help each other 

without necessarily knowing each other(anonymously or openly)

new voice powered service that is on your side first


defending your corner and searching the world for answers

 while you build what works for you

Can it be done today?

"I know it can and I am going to get the first one built within the next year"

 "I need it and so do you"

Mark D. J. Aldiss

October 27th 2008

That's all you have to do - Google Analytics will tell me when the go point is reached

"My personal intention is the establishment of a core of the most powerful  digital tools ever offered to individuals.

These tools will allow battles to be fought and won. From personal battles to large scale battles against powerful opponents"

Mark Aldiss

In 2004 talks with the UK (Cambridge) based firm Autonomy, and their Value Added Reseller (VAR) Okana, led to a 99.9% likelihood that this machinery could be built.

The costs, then, were large.

From the licenses for the technology from Autonomy (£2m pa) and the yearly maintainance fee (15% of license), plus the actual physical hardware hired in from PSINet Europe ($10,000 per month for 40,000 people), the building of the interface by Okana (Taking business worded technology and converting it into normal, everyday speak) (£400,000) and the ethical company build by Mishcon De Reya (£10,000 surety + c£400+ph), the financial build by Pricewaterhouse Coopers, and the staffing, marketing, etc, etc the whole deal came out at about - well work it out.

However, with £20 or more per month for the use of this kit, per person, meant that the return of investment (ROI) seemed to be excellent - especially with the right numbers of people.

Now it is an even easier task and will cost a fraction of what it would in 2004.

More to follow


This is going to be fun folks.

That's all you have to do - Google Analytics will tell me when the go point is reached