What I really want to do

One day I want to wake up and I have an email, or a text, or a voice message, or a bit of advertising mail through my door, or I see an advert on a webpage or an advert on TV or posted large upon a wall

Mind you I have been waiting for that moment for the last twenty plus years.

I've been waiting and am still waiting for 'someone' to offer me 'my kit'.

With the likes of Google Home, Amazon Echo and all the listen/understand/do technology being put in place, the core of projectbrainsaver is there, and we, projectbrainsaver have access to it. Where no one is close yet is with a bit of kit that does what projectbrainsaver could do. Viv.ai is closest in that it hears what is said then works out what code needs to be written in order to achieve the goal of what is said.

This man said, right from the beginning,

"I can write code but If I do, and it works, I will throw a huge GRAND MAL EPILEPTIC FIT that will wipe out years of memories and take a year or two just to socially stabilise from, if it doesn't actually kill me... it's happened three times before... each time I wrote a bit of code that worked"

They Said

"Write code... and if you can't write code because of your fears then pull together the money for others to be paid and we will build it for you"

"That's my other problem. I have major head problems with money. "

So my mind said

"They can build it now. It only needs money. ... and people, and time, and energy, and effort all of which is bought by money."

They kept saying "we can build it easily."

All that they needed was money.

As from the beginning of projectbrainsaver ALL the technology needed to help individuals so much more has always been there. Its been the basis of projectbrainsaver; find kit that does X and find out if it can also do Y.
From the beginning Autonomy, Cambridge, UK always said and could prove that their technology could do what was asked of it, for our uses.

What's more they liked the idea of using their kit for solving people's personal problems, especially if it could possibly help those who had reached their own limits and the limits of the help available  to them wherever they were.

Did you know that projectbrainsaver is built around a 'catch 22'?

Imagine a man who needs a particular type of help to achieve an income so he can look after himself, his family, his future... without having to be totally dependent on the charity of others just for him to survive.

Now imagine that man talks to enough people and realises that there is another way, or rather a set of add ins, that could help him and his friends with many, if not all, of their problems.

So where is the catch 22?The man needs the kit in order to build the kit. He does not live on a planet where those at the top have open ears for all at the bottom. They have not worked out this man's disabilities in over fifty years. Even with the explosion of media in the last decade all that has happened is that they have become more separate and far away. Less likely to hear anyone outside their circle.

As projectbrainsaver and projectbrainsaver LIMITED we/I have accounts with a lot of different enterprises, especially ones who are having a great affect on the world today, specialising in AI, Big Data, Biometrics, Deep Learning, Security, Storage, Unified Communications and more. Download the PDF file below which lists just some of the tools available (not all of them are free, but all of them are accessible from the accounts)

From all these accounts I have the tools to build my own machine, to solve my own catch 22, to add my own custom tools to my life and those of others I know.

If only I didn't want to stay alive so much, to not throw a fit that could easily kill me now at sixty, nearly sixty one years of age. Not old but good going for someone who has been so ill so often over the years.


So I wait for someone to walk into my life one day (See paragraph 1) and say "HEY! Here's the link and phone number to Just Start Talking! We built it for you. (I just found out that juststarttalking.com has been bought by a teenage charity in the USA)

Maybe now you will have a slightly better chance of paying your own way before you die; finally not living on charity."


I plod on. At my own pace. Which is slow. Really slow.


Slow is not stopped still.

Small footsteps are still footsteps.

It's my sixty first birthday today, as I write this amidst phone calls from my children and my dad, sisters and brother, plus other friends, which is good.

A lovely response on Facebook too. It started off as a mentally grey day and slowly buoyed itself up so there is some sunlight through the branches. I am a lucky man :-)

Mark Aldiss,
13 Aug 2017, 07:57