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22 APRIL 2015
What Would You Do With Good Data? Enter The PSFK x IBM Contest

"By harnessing data-driven insights and bridging the gap between human intelligence and computer data, we can build a society that functions better. This is where IBM Watson, the first cognitive computing platform, comes in.

PSFK and IBM Watson are collaborating through The Good Data Contest to find how IBM Watson’s capabilities can improve the lives of communities and spark a conversation around what cognitive computing will mean for our future. ...

There are three challenges that we are asking participants to ideate around:

A. Effectiveness & Productivity – How can Watson help people better manage their time, prioritize better and accomplish more?

B. Balance & Fulfillment – How can Watson inspire more harmonious living in a digital era, and help people find balance as they live, work, and play?

C. Growth & Personal Development – How can Watson support people as they look to achieve their ambitions and goals?"


What would this kit do for me, personally?
posted 4 Feb 2014, 12:37 by Mark Aldiss
What would this kit do for me, personally? 

Coordinate all my writing that I have done over many years

Market and sell my talents – writing, photography, computer skills, etc

Find new things for me to add my brainpower to.

Find like minded people I could more easily talk with

Move my life forwards by expanding my profile by suggesting relevant material

Put my ideas in front of people who have asked for ideas of that type - once this kit has helped me pull everything together in a coherent manner.


Help me to be a useful part of society even when I cannot go out or am ill.


Stop me wasting peoples time with ideas that they don’t want


Handle all the problems my low income causes with utility companies ways of working billing.


Help me work out any reactions and anti reactions to my medicines and stop me taking medicines that nearly kill me even if recommended by doctors.


Help me sort out my past baggage – all the input from too many years of other peoples problems – family problems especially.


Remember things for me.


Let me know that I am not the only one who feels like I do about certain things. Show me how people are thinking about their own lives and the lives of those around them – as well as what people are thinking about happenings in the world we all live on.


Help my voice count in the world of today.



Imagine something that would help millions of people join in with this world
without having to have a computer and the internet.

Something that will give answers to people when they want them.

Something that will help them with their personal lives and their lives regarding interaction with the rest the society around them.

Something that will help with lifelong learning.

Something that allows their thoughts and memories to have value.

Something that gives millions of people the chance to use their brains for personal and social gain.

Something that finds them personal help when they need it.

Something that kicks the ‘digital divide’ into a cocked hat.

Something that will get rid of ‘Big Brother’ once and for all.

Something that allows growth unfettered by the chains of local negative thinking.

Something that works on their behalf whilst they do other things.

Something that has applications designed to stabilise society by stabilising and helping individuals.

Something that is designed to give people the ability to help each other without  necessarily knowing each other (anonymously).

Now imagine that this ‘something’ is only a few months away.

That all the technology is sitting, waiting to be configured.

All the companies concerned are ready and waiting to start.

That the costs per subscriber are similar to those paid for internet connectivity (£15-£30 per month).

That the UK, European and American markets are already lined up for this ‘something’.
That the profits – social and financial - from this ‘something’ have the power to change the world we live in.

Well it is sitting there.

 Designed to help with normal life but especially for social exclusion - mental health - education - independence - social and personal problems, stress, the digital divide,  disasters.

A new set of tools for Life management, delivering revolutionary solutions that enable 100% real-time help within society now.

Technology that can take any voice stream in real-time, analyze all aspects of the content and dynamically deliver related content.

This 'add in’s' will give anyone, normally by voice (95%+ voice control) and assisted by an automatically run 'switchboard' instant, or near instant, access to any number of sources with an answer or piece of data that is relevant.

Premium service goes with voice coded interface – only your voice gets in – near instant translation into multiple languages with throughput to the phone of your choice – unlimited search and recall of any amount of data text, graphics, video – interfaces with digital TV – home/office interface – etc

These tools will include

  • Life Secretary
  • Problem Sorter
  • House Chain Completer
  • A ‘Firewall’ for human beings – a personal protector
  • A standard letter writer
  • Phone in book writer
  • A ‘Best Friend’ a ‘thinking’ correspondent for the mind side of human life
  • An ‘Active Sales Agent’ for all ideas, thoughts, happenings.
  • A ‘Interesting?’ Machine – a focuser that helps direct attention the right way – a super encyclopaedia
  • A social patterns identifier – “Is it just me or is everyone twitchy /sad /angry /strange today?”
  • A future bank of everything that’s ever added… for ever
  • An ‘intelligent’ project coordination tool
  • Family / small company coordinator
  • Automated buy /sell tool with auto deliver / collection
  • Voice controlled insurance updater
  • Opportunities researcher
  • A language library – world languages – cross reference-able
  • Or anything else that anyone thinks of

Ad infinitum

Now.         …well, in a few months time (-:


Having my own power over anything I say – the power to have something happen if it can because I want it to, to have a true ‘cyber buddy’ doing my running about for me. Imagine what could come from a simple monologue – a chapter of a book – three weeks of a project more clearly defined – a creative reality coming together – a bunch of practical steps found because I talked my ‘headshit’ for a bit. As I talk this technology goes digging – into my words and their meaning, and my possible needs or actual requirements, and into the outside world with all its answers and directions to offer. Feed this with input and it will reward me with powerfully focussed output – for my own thoughts and for my actual life. Imagine what could be set off from a good dinner party or a night with friends… a discussion in a hall – suddenly I am me, but I are part of a network that is there for me to have use of, to grow with my own reality – if at all possible.